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Marine Engine Control and Monitoring Solutions

Our Plug ‘n Play marine components use CANBus technology and suit most vessel designs using Yanmar engines.

Engine Control Solutions

Our engine control solutions fit your needs! A wide range of throttle and gear control solutions are available for Yanmar electronic engines.

Options to configure and customize for your vessel:

  • Available in single or multi-engine applications
  • Multi-station capability is standard along with multi-engine sync Variety of control head designs
  • Choose from the traditional top mount binnacle control to the sport style Jet Boat controls and side-mount controls
  • Available with or without trim

The single CANBus network solution used by Yanmar electronic engines makes the installation of these controls childs play. Whether you are replacing an existing control or adding an additional control station, simply plug the control into the network and you are ready for operation!

Engine Monitoring Solutions

  • Analog engine data is converted to CANBus digital communications technology
  • Track tank levels - convert to CANBus digital data with our CANBus interface modules
  • Modules can be configured for USA or EURO engine senders and level senders using the M701 digital display
  • Our solutions will work with your equipment - you can choose J1939 or NMEA 2000TM CANBus format for our interface modules
  • You choose: Key switch or rocker switch for the ignition panel
  • Reduce wiring: select digital technology multi-helm solutions (older analog solutions still available)
  • Monitoring data available at any location on the vessel with our Digital Monitoring Solutions for mechanical engines and vessel tank levels
  • Each solution has built-in diagnostic, maintenance and alarm log capability providing safety and improved engine life
  • Audible alarms to vessel captain for immediate response to system difficulties
  • Activate ANY alarm signaling device using our independent alarm output
  • Periodic warnings for necessary maintenance through a programmable maintenance timer
  • Complete historical logs of system diagnostics and maintenance requirements

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Looking to upgrade or replace your current ignition system and get digital engine data? Consider a complete replacement using our M200 solution.

Want to get digital engine data using your existing ignition system?  Consider our EM2000 module – works great with sailboats!

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