About MBW Technologies

Our mission is to develop, supply, and support electronic control and accessory solutions.

The MBW Difference

MBW Technologies, LLC, (MBW) is a U.S.-based designer and manufacturer of industrial control systems specializing in CANBus communications. We provide a one-stop resource for engine controls and accessories for engine manufacturers, distributors, and OEMs utilizing industrial engines.

Founded in April 2008 by a core team of experienced multidisciplinary engineers, MBW offers standout custom engineering capabilities. With our ability to develop custom electronic and software designs and react quickly to evolving customer needs, we act as a valuable extended engineering resource for your organization. In fact, we take pride in providing excellent customer support — with each call answered by one of our experienced engineers.

Our Products

MBW’s plug-and-play solutions are designed for mechanical and electronic engines in the industrial marketplace. All of our products are manufactured in the U.S. — ranging from simple ignition panels to sophisticated engine monitoring and control solutions.

MBW provides custom-integrated engine throttle control and automated start/stop solutions. Using CANBus Technology, we also offer integrated system diagnostic monitoring and engine control to provide customized engine shutdown for customer-specified events

What Clients Are Saying

“We got it up and running on Friday and were very impressed with the plug-and-play ability of the unit. It also highlighted the fact that we had a faulty sensor for oil pressure on the engine which wasn’t working correctly. We will be definitely using these products more in the future.”

—James B.