M154B Series

M154B Series


The M154B10-Y20 Series Control Panels are specifically designed for operation with T4i, T4F, and Stage V Engines equipped with DPF or DPF SCR with DEF. With a family of configurations ranging from a panel mount with and without an enclosure and NEMA 4X enclosure, virtually any installation criteria can be met. If a panel or enclosure is not required the M154B series offers a kit containing all necessary parts that can be mounted in a customer-specific panel design.

With a full-featured J1939 interface, the M154B series panels provide a complete interface for virtually any SAE J1939 T4F data. The M154B provides the most features in its price range.


The 2.3″ Graphical high resolution LCD Display provides an easy to read viewing area for either a single or dual display of virtually any data.

Throttle Control

A single momentary rocker switch adjusts the engine speed via CANBus communications to the engine. The throttle functionality is user selected, allowing the rocker switch to provide a smooth ramp function or a fixed rpm 2-state settng.

DPF Regeneration Control

The M154B supports all four Yanmar T4F engines DPF Regeneration States; Auto or Reset, Manual, Stationary, and Recovery. Under normal operating conditions, Reset Regens are performed automatically. For Manual, Stationary and Recovery regens, the M154B Series panels provide user friendly on screen instructions.

Standard icons inform the operator of the regeneration status.

Configurable Engine Speed Limits

The M154B Series Control provides the user with two configurable engine speed settngs. These speed settngs can be set to any engine RPM within the min and max RPM range of the engine. One speed settng for minimum engine speed (i.e. Min RPM) and the other speed settng for maximum engine speed (i.e. engine Max RPM).


The M154B displays diagnostic messages from the ECU per the J1939 format. All DM1, DM2, DM12 and DM23 diagnostic messages from the Engine ECU are reported. Engine specific diagnostic messages are available for specified engines. Faults are indicated with either a Red or Amber blinking indicator (determined by severity).

DB Viewer

The Db Viewer feature provides a listing of all data supported by the M154B System and the operator may select which values to be viewed.

Maintenance Timer

User configurable maintenance timer. When programmed, the system provides a warning message when the maintenance timer has expires.

Mounting Template

Optional Expansion Module

The M300DP Dual Programmable I/O control expands the M154B capabilities with 2 additional analog inputs for Oil Pressure, Fuel or Water Level and 2 additional discrete inputs for remotely controlling engine speed.


M154B Series Control Panels are available in 2 different types of enclosures.

  • The steel enclosure: .074″ thick CRS with welded seams and powder coated for durability under extreme conditions.
  • NEMA 4X enclosure:  Fully sealed and weather tight, the NEMA 4X enclosure provides protection from the most extreme weather conditions.

Additional M154B Highlights

  • 2.3″ Monochrome Graphical LCD Display
  • Adjustable backlighting
  • 3 buttons provide easy navigation through software screens
  • Tier 4, 4i, 4F and Stage V Ready – Engine Maintenance Timer
  • User configurable engine speed limits
  • Visual alarms
  • SAE J1939 configurable throttle control
  • SAE J1939 standard Diagnostics
  • Inc/Dec or 2-State throttle switch
Optional M300DP Module
  • Auto Start
  • Configurable input for oil pressure (Analog or
  • Configurable input for fuel level (Analog or CANBUS)
  • 2 configurable discrete inputs (start protect, Engine Stop, Engine speed)
  • External engine shutdown
Mounted In Panel & Enclosure

• Sealed Keyswitch 4 Position
• Throttle Switch
• CE Approved Design
• Sealed 21 pin interface connector

Custom Application

Dual station engine control. Includes main panel with full control and remote panel with motor and throttle control. Includes 40′ extension harness with E-stop at both locations.

Dual station control in NEMA 4X watertight housings w/ 40′ extension harness

Rear mounting and harness connections on NEMA 4X housings

Remote monitor display with throttle and start control, Estep and Error indicator

Main panel with full digital engine control, including keyswitch, throttle control and E-Stop

40′ extension harness utilizing 21 pin Deutch twistlock connector to 12 pin Deutch connector