M154P Series

M154P Series



The M154P or “Pro” Series is specifically designed for the latest Tier IV, Tier 4 Final, and Stage V engine applications with and without after treatment. Standard features include: an intuitive user interface, 3 auxiliary inputs, 2 analog inputs for “oil pressure” and “fuel level”, an audible alarm output and external engine shutdown.

With a full featured J1939 interface the M154P series panels provide a complete interface for almost any SAE J1939 T4F data. The M154P provides the most features in its price range.

The 3.5” graphical high resolution color display provides an easy to read viewing area for either a single or quad display. The display comes with the SW tools and instructions to create your own Splash Screen at startup.

Intuitive pop-up softkeys make it easy to operate, view alarms/warnings and navigate through setup menus.

System Fault Log

The System Fault Log retains all active and stored DM1, DM2, DM12 and DM23 diagnostic messages reported by the ECU. Pressing the System Fault Log button brings up the Fault Log.
Use the UP and DOWN buttons to select a Fault in the log, then press the “?” button to view the fault details. The Fault description helps the operator communicate with your Tech Support team.

Warnings and Alarm Icons

The M154P has a dedicated bar across the bottom of the screen for displaying warnings and alarms. There are three groups: Engine Status, Regen Status and SCR Status for T4F Engines with SCR after treatment.

Although the operator may delay Regeneration until a more convenient time, the Regen must be performed or else the ECU will de-rate the Engine Speed and Torque; the ECU may even shut down the engine.

During these inducement levels, combinations of these 5 icons will indicate the severity of the level and derating. Although similar, each engine manufacturer’s implementation is slightly different.

Quad Display Setup

The Quad Display setup allows Engine parameters such as RPM repeated on each quad screen and to be grouped “like” parameters together such as Engine data, sensor data, T4F parameters, etc. The list is in alphabetical order.

Database Viewer

Database Viewer provides a listing of all data supported by the M154P System. The display will present a listing of the data in alphabetical order and provide a real time update of the data values.

T4F Non-Mission Regeneration

As long as conditions are met (i.e., Engine Hot Enough), T4F Engines with after-treatment will perform Regenerations automatically. However, if conditions are not acceptable, a Non-Mission or Stationary regeneration will be requested by the ECU. Since this is an unexpected event which will take the engine out of operation until the regen is complete, the M154P will provide a series of prompts to walk the operator through the process.

If the operator is not ready and presses “NO”, the “Regeneration Request” icon will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. The operator will be reminded on a regular basis to perform a Regeneration. If the operator is ready and presses “YES”, the operator will be prompted to bring the machine to low idle speed and to set the interlocks to ensure the machine has been secured for performing a Regeneration. When the machine is safe, the operator is prompted one more time to begin the Regeneration.

Engineering Services

MBW has an experienced Engineering team who can tailor the MB154P Series to your specific application including splash screens, unique features, interface cabling and panels.

Additional M154P Highlights


• 3.5” 320×240 Color Graphical Display
• Sunlight Viewable
• Adjustable backlighting
• 5 buttons provide easy navigation through software
• Audible and Visual alarms
• Tier 3, 4, 4i and 4F Ready
• Engine Maintenance Timers
• Configurable engine speed limits
• Configurable Inc/Dec or 2-State throttle switch
• SAE J1939 TSC1 throttle control
• SAE J1939 Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)
• Engine Manufacturer Specific DTCs
• Shutdown on User Configurable DTC Faults
• External Engine Shutdown
• Configurable analog input for oil pressure
• Configurable analog input for fuel level
• 3 configurable discrete inputs
( Start Protect, Engine Stop, Engine Speed)
• Multi Language Support
• Custom Alarms

Optional M300DP Module

• Auto Start
• Expansion Unit supports 2 Analog (3 Wire)
• 2 configurable discrete inputs ( Float Inputs)

Mounted In Panel & Enclosure
• Sealed Keyswitch 4 Position
• Throttle Switch
• Sealed 21 pin Interface connector
• Black powder-coated enclosure or NEMA 4X

Examples of our M154P in custom designed housings with application specific controls.

Custom panel designed to fit into our customers control box

Analog switches added for additional device control